Man lived in Walmart air ducts, officials say -- but he’s not the first to attempt living in retail space

These are other cases where people have tried living in stores and commercial spaces

Walmart hidden clearance is a treasure hunt

Reports of a man found living within the air ducts at a Walmart in west Houston went viral online, sparking the question – how did he do it?

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A photo shared by the Houston Police shows an open vent, which the man presumably climbed into from the exterior of the store.

Other similar cases

A similar incident occurred in 2014 when a teenage boy was found living in Walmart in Corsicana, Texas.

According to CBS Dallas-Fort Worth, the boy built secret campsites hidden behind rolls of toilet paper and lived in the store for more than two days before being discovered.

According to the report, the boy constantly changed his clothes and wore diapers to avoid being caught, and lived off of food items taken from inside the store.

At a supermarket in Nevada, a man lived in the store rafter for a week and stole food from the deli, Insider reports.

In another incident reported by Insider, an employee used his cubicle as a bedroom for over a year because he couldn’t afford to pay rent in Los Angeles.

Under the pseudonym “Terry K.,” the employee shared his story on Salon, explaining that living at work improved his quality of life as he was able to save over $20,000 and free up the time and money to travel and pursue his interests.

Lastly, a couple got away with living inside a 750-foot storage space located within a shopping mall for four years before being caught by security, according to Salon.

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