VIDEO: See how man reacts when he encounters elk in his front yard

A man nervously waited outside of his home as elk explored his front yard.

Eric Sweatt discovered the gigantic animals as he arrived at his home in a Colorado neighborhood, According to Fox 10.

In response, Sweatt “trapped” himself on top of his car in the driveway as the animals were too close for comfort.

His wife Caprice Price Sweatt said that he couldn’t “come in the house or make a move,” according to Fox 10.

Caprice uploaded a video of the odd incident filmed by her husband to her Facebook with the caption: “U don’t wanna mess with these guys.”

Watch the video below:

Eric is stuck on top of his truck lol he can’t come in the house or make a move 2 elk got him trapped - this one is in neighbor yard right beside the truck

Posted by Caprice Price Sweatt on Monday, March 29, 2021

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