Theater cancels other movies to show 'Lone Survivor'

CONROE, Texas - A new movie is so popular that theaters are canceling showings of other films because of the demand.

A picture circulating on the Internet shows what appears to be an apology letter from management at a movie theater, stating that certain movies had been cancelled. The picture is reportedly from the Grand Theater 14 in Conroe.

The Grand Theater 14 did confirm that it cancelled 17 showings on Saturday so it could offer more showings of the new film "Lone Survivor," which is based on a true story.

The film centers around four Navy SEALs who are faced with a moral dilemma that turns into a fight for their lives.

The movie is based on a book written by a Houston-area man, Marcus Luttrell.

"Probably one of the most outstanding movies I have every seen," expressed Fred Nash as he left The Grand Theatre in Conroe Monday afternoon.

Even without a Golden Globe nomination, Lone Survivor scored big in its opening weekend. It brought in $38.5 million making it the second biggest opening in January ever.

The movie is based on a true story about four Navy SEALS in a fight for their lives in Afghanistan while on a mission to kill a Taliban leader.

At the center, Marcus Luttrell of Willis, Texas. He is the only Navy Seal to come home alive.

"Knowing someone that's been through something like that, it really kind of brought it, the war and everything that has gone on, it just really brought it close to home," explained Zach Dorris, owner of Zach's BBQ in Willis.

Part of the reason for those big box office numbers may be the big Texas-sized support in Luttrell's home state.

Dorris has been friends with Luttrell since high school.

He and his wife wanted to show their support by encouraging the local community to go and watch the movie. They started the campaign on their restaurant's Facebook page.

"The next thing you know, everybody is saying we're going tomorrow, we're going tomorrow," said Dorris. "When we found out they had shut down that many showings of other movies coming out it was just, we were like, couldn't believe it."

A picture of the list that was posted at The Grand Theatre's box office showing what movies and times were canceled Saturday to accommodate the Lone Survivor demand has gone viral.

The energy of support is still thriving.

"This is 1 on a Monday afternoon, and the theater was packed," described Nash.

There is also a foundation under the same name as the movie. The Lone Survivor Foundation helps soldiers transition back to everyday life.

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