Up for the task: Younger Texans are helping older family members get COVID-19 vaccine

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Jackie Tidwell made it her mission to get her grandfather, retired Cmdr. David Gallegos Jr., in Corpus Christi vaccinated for COVID-19.

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Jackie Tidwell is among a growing number of adult children and grandchildren helping older family members get access to the COVID-19 vaccine.

Tidwell, a web content designer in Seattle, made it her mission to get her 90-year-old grandfather in Corpus Christi vaccinated all the way from her home 2,300 miles away.

But, after attempting to navigate the local sign-up portal, ultimately all it took was a phone call to get retired Cmdr. David Gallegos Jr. — whom Tidwell adoringly calls “Pops” — the information he needed to get his first dose.

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