The Texas Legislature convenes for its 2021 session Tuesday. Here are 5 things to watch.

The 2021 session of the Texas Legislature will commence Tuesday amid pervasive uncertainty.

Lawmakers have been waiting for months to see how it will be conducted safely as the coronavirus pandemic rages.

And after a pro-Donald Trump mob rushed into the U.S. Capitol last week, leaving five people dead and leading to dozens of arrests, some Texas lawmakers are on edge about the potential for unrest in Austin. The Texas Department of Public Safety is reportedly deploying additional resources and personnel to the state Capitol, and Gov. Greg Abbott promised Monday that DPS will “continue to remain on top of” safety at the building.

Meanwhile, three clear top priorities have emerged for the agenda: the budget, redistricting and the pandemic. But it remains to be seen how much space — or political appetite — there will be for more polarizing proposals, especially among Republicans coming off a successful November election.

Given all that, here are the five things to watch as the session kicks off:

Safety protocols

State legislatures across the country are looking for ways to conduct their business in spite of restrictions on indoor gatherings because of the coronavirus.

Already, two Texas House Democrats — Michelle Beckley of Carrollton and Ana-Maria Ramos of Richardson — have said they will not attend the opening day of the legislative session, calling the gathering of 150 House members a “superspreader event.”