Gov. Greg Abbott hopes to provide ’next steps’ on COVID-19 restrictions in Texas next week


AUSTIN, Texas – Texas Gov. Greg Abbott shared a tweet Tuesday that said he hopes to provide the “next steps” on coronavirus restrictions in the state sometime next week.

Abbott’s post was in response to the account Deep in the Heart of Texas, which shared a post saying people in the restaurant industry need clarity on their future.

That account’s tweet was responding to a video where Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said the state would “never do any of these lockdowns again.”

The post addressed Abbott, telling him to “take note” and provide the state of Texas with similar clarity as DeSantis had done in Florida.

“Some of us want to grow, some just trying to survive,” the tweet said. “Regardless, banks won’t have anything to do with us because of the uncertainty. You can fix it!”

In Abbott’s response, the governor said he already publicly stated that there would be no more lockdowns in Texas “despite demands from mayors and county judges insisting on lockdowns.”

According to Abbott, coronavirus numbers and hospitalizations have declined since July and he expects to “provide updates next week about next steps.”

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