5 reasons why breakfast tacos are one of Texas’ best inventions

HOUSTON – It’s no surprise that of all states Texas would be home to the breakfast taco.

According to Austin Eater, the breakfast taco, like Tex Mex, was created by cross-pollinating Mexican culture with Anglo-Germanic ingredients that were available in Texas.

The simple recipe called for a tortilla, eggs, cheese, and meat, but has evolved over the years.

Today a quick grab-and-go breakfast stop can leave Texans overwhelmed by all of the possible combinations as restaurants’ menus have grown.

From bacon to chorizo, beans or no beans, cheddar cheese to queso fresco and the endless selection of salsas, Texans are faced with difficult decision of choosing just one, two... or maybe three breakfast tacos out of hundreds of possibilities.

None the less, breakfast tacos are still such a staple in a Texan’s diet.

Here are five reasons why breakfast tacos are one of Texas’ best inventions:

1. The endless possibilities

With so many options, Texans can eat breakfast tacos every day and never get sick of it.

2. It’s never too late or early for a breakfast taco

Whether you’re up at 7 a.m. or noon, breakfast tacos are always an appropriate meal.

3. They’re available almost anywhere

No matter where you’re headed, there’s always somewhere, whether its a taqueria or Buc-ee’s, to get a breakfast taco in major Texas cities.

4. It’s the perfect meal for anyone on the go

Need to multi-task? It only takes one hand to hold a taco.

5. You can hit all five major food groups in one meal.

Wondering how you’re getting fruit in? Tomatoes are in the salsa.

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