What you need to know about barbershops, nail salons and tanning salons reopening in Texas on Friday

HOUSTON – Gov. Greg Abbott announced Tuesday that after his original executive order to begin phase one of reopening the state last week prevented barbershops and nail salons from reopening, he has since amended the rules.

FULL ANNOUNCEMENT: Gov. Greg Abbott announces modifications to executive order, the opening of some businesses

“Beginning May 8, cosmetology salons, hair salons, barbershops, nail salons and shops, and other establishments where licensed cosmetologists or barbers practice their trade, may open, but all such salons, shops, and establishments must ensure at least six feet of social distancing between operating work stations,” Abbott’s office wrote in a press release Tuesday. “Tanning salons may also reopen under the same limitation.”

Abbott said the amendment came after he got feedback from business owners who explained plans to ensure the safety of their employees and customers. Reopening these businesses has been a hot button issue with protesters around the country demanding they be reopened after nearly two months of closures.

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While Abbott said he is giving business owners the opportunity to reopen, he is not forcing anyone to do so unless they want to.

Here are some of the rules they will have to follow:

  • One customer per stylist allowed in the establishment, unless they are waiting for service
  • Six feet of distancing between work stations
  • Appointment system encouraged
  • If allowing walk-ins, distancing required for people waiting for service
  • Customers and stylists are strongly recommended to wear masks throughout