Beaumont Mayor criticized for being spotted at nail salon amid coronavirus pandemic

City of Beaumont Mayor Becky Ames
City of Beaumont Mayor Becky Ames (BeaumontTexas.gov)

The mayor of Beaumont was catching some backlash after a photo on social media appeared to show her “getting a manicure” at a nail salon amid the coronavirus pandemic and stay at home orders.

Mayor Becky Ames responded to 12News after being questioned about the photo that caused a lot of “chatter” on social media.

Ames and the nail salon owner explained to the news station that they were removing an old manicure set. According to 12News, the nail salon owner said she left out a bowl of acetone for Ames to remove the set herself. Ames told the news station that she was in and out of the salon within 10 minutes and that it was only the owner and her inside the salon during this exchange.

According to 12News, the owner said surveillance video backs up the mayor’s claims. Ames assured the station that she did not get her nails done.

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