Texas Aggies’ off-campus student bonfire burns bright 20 years after stack collapse

The off-campus student bonfire on Nov. 26, 2019.
The off-campus student bonfire on Nov. 26, 2019.

HOUSTON – The 2019 student bonfire burned bright Tuesday night in Robertson County.

The evening started with 1999 Aggie bonfire collapse survivor, John Comstock leading the torch hand-off to student bonfire Redpots.

Shortly after, the bonfire went up in flames. Leaders with student bonfire say the stack stood 40 feet tall and took nearly 500 gallons of red diesel to help ignite the flames.

We spoke with one visitor who got to witness bonfire for the first time.

Judah Matthews, a Texas A&M University student, said, “Before they even lit it up, it was just imposingly big and it blew my mind that this was one of the smaller ones, historically they’ve had gigantic ones so it was exciting to wait to see it go up, and then once it finally did, it took a minute to get really going but once it did, it was amazing to see roaring flames."

Student bonfire is an off-campus event organized by students.

Nearly 400 Aggies put in an estimated 10,000 total man hours to build this year’s stack.

See the bonfire from TexAgs.

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