SpaceX looks to build 21st-century resort in tiny Texas town

HOUSTON – Boca Chica Village may become a new popular Texas getaway destination as American aerospace manufacturer and space transportation services company, SpaceX, founded by Elon Musk, looks to build its first resort.

According to an online job listing, spotted by CNBC’s Michael Sheetz, SpaceX is looking to employ a Resort Development Manager to oversee the development of the company’s first resort in Boca Chica Village, near Brownsville, Texas.

Boca Chica Village, once a secluded beach town, is the latest launch site of SpaceX’s Starship, and the company’s next-generation launch vehicle.

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According to the job listing, the new resort is a part of SpaceX’s plan to transform the tiny town into a 21st-century Spaceport.

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