Restaurant Report Card: Food not safe for human consumption

By Bill Spencer - Investigative Reporter

It’s a phrase used by the Houston Health Department Restaurant Inspection Team every week, “food not safe for human consumption”.

But what does that really mean?

“It means based on the evidence that I have at the time of inspection, I determine that this food is not safe to be eaten. It’s dangerous," Houston health inspector Misty Sarraf said. 

This week, inspectors found food not safe for human consumption in the cooler at Darilyn’s Heavenly Choices on Cavalcade Street. 

They found raw chicken and fresh cabbage being stored on the same shelf and blood from the chicken had contaminated the cabbage.

Contamination of another kind at the Jack In The Box at 739 N. Sam Houston Parkway. Restaurant inspectors discovered black slime in the ice machine.

Moving on to roaches, inspectors found them at the Counter Custom Burger Restaurant on Washington Avenue.

They spotted German cockroaches along the kitchen line and on the wheels the bakery rack.

Owners of the popular burger spot say they took that violation very seriously and eliminated the problem.

In fact, the very next day health inspectors found zero signs of any insects.

Up next, it’s the Pueblito Place in Montrose on Richmond, where health inspectors wrote the place up for having “numerous roaches” in the food prep area.

There were so many roaches, the health officials imposed a temporary closure until the roaches were eliminated.

That closure was lifted Monday.

This week our coveted A-Plus Award goes out to the dedicated crew at the Piazza Café on Greenspointe Drive.

They score a perfect restaurant inspection report and we are giving them a dramatic Booooo-Yaaaaah, Oooooooo-Yaaaaaah.

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