People line up for new iPhone Xs in Houston

By Viridiana Fernandez

People line up outside the Apple store in Houston's River Oaks neighborhood Sept. 21, 2018.

HOUSTON - Apple’s big launch is here and fans waited long hours late Thursday night at the Apple High Land Village location for the tech giant's newest phone.  

As Apple stores prepared to launch the newest products, five people lined up outside stores as early as Sunday night. They camped outside the River Oaks store waiting for doors to open, and finally get their hands on the new products. They said it’s the right time for an upgrade. 

“I stand in lines regardless because I’m a YouTuber, so I film it and I post it," said Muhammad Flood. "Like, you can see I have an iPhone 7 so like it's two years ago, but, you know, this year I was like, 'I need to actually update my phone.' So, this time I’m actually purchasing not just filming."

Flood said he got to the location at 10 p.m. Thursday. He waited to purchase an iPhone along with a new Apple Watch. Every year, he travels to a different location in Houston to film his experience.

“This is actually a new location for me, so it’s pretty cool," Flood said. "I go to different places every time.”

Isaiah Photo decided to arrive early Sunday night to wait for a new iPhone. He called it a social experiment. 

“It’s been a while since I’ve upgraded," Photo said. "I’m coming from the iPhone 7, so I’m due for an upgrade, and this just seemed like the right time.”

This is the second time Photo experienced waiting in lines and said it’s been an odd but positive experience. 

“I’ve been vlogging my experience on YouTube," he said. "Really wild. I’ve seen some awesome people. It’s been super positive, so it was surprisingly encouraging.”

Apple stated launching their new products Friday in stores and shipped out pre-orders.

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