VIDEO: Flip flop thrown in viral mask confrontation

A man was hit in the head with a flip flop during a confrontation at a grocery store over mask-wearing.

SPOKANE, Wash. – A Spokane, Washington grocery store employee seen confronting a customer for refusing to wear a mask is no longer the company, according to the store’s manager.

In the video of the confrontation inside the Yoke’s store, the unmasked man says he has a medical condition that prevents him from wearing a mask. The employee asks the unmasked man what medical condition he has, but the man refuses to say.

The video shows someone grabbing the unmasked man’s phone and throwing it to the ground. As the situation escalates in the parking lot, others join in.  The employee is thrown to the ground at one point, and moments later throws an object at the man who refused to wear a mask, hitting him in the head.

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