Viral video shows woman trying to enter grocery store without a mask

Still from a viral video taken at Gelson's in California. (Reddit)

HOUSTON – A viral video posted to Reddit shows a woman apparently trying to enter a grocery store without a mask and being turned away by an employee and the store manager for violating the company’s policy.

The incident reportedly happened in Dana Point, California at a Gelson’s grocery.

The video begins with the woman trying to enter the store without a mask. She claims she has a medical condition that prevents her from wearing a mask, and says “HIPAA rules and regulations don’t require her to disclose that.”

The manager offers to have someone shop for her if she doesn’t want to follow the company’s mask policy, but she says she has private things to buy and doesn’t want to give her credit card payment information to the store because she claims it infringes upon her rights.

The woman then threatens to sue the store for discrimination before the manager provides the corporate office information for her on a card and gives her his name.

Fox 11 Los Angeles reported the woman’s name is Shelley Lewis and she is facing heavy criticism online after posting the interaction at the store.

Watch the full video here.