Mother devastated after car is destroyed in crash with man with no insurance, invalid license

By Jacob Rascon - Anchor-Reporter

HOUSTON - A single mother said she is barely hanging on after she lost her lifeline.

The car

Felicia Barnes' car, a used silver Toyota Camry, was more than just a convenience.

"I use that car for everything. I use that car for my children, my mother," Barnes said.

It was also her source of income when she worked as a Lyft and Door Dash driver.

“What am I going to do? How am I going to come up with $1,300 (to fix the car) before these kids go back to school?” Barnes said.

Barnes used the car to provide for her teenage daughter, Trinity; her disabled son, Marcus; and her disabled mother, Phyllis.

The crash

When someone crashed into her car last week, she tried to keep herself calm.

"Like, 'OK, he has insurance, So I'm OK,'" she said.

She soon realized that not only did Thaddeus Cornett not have insurance, he was also driving without a valid license, according to court records.

It's against the law in Texas, and most states, to drive without minimum insurance. Insurance researchers have concluded that more than 10% of Texas drivers drive without insurance.

Cornett was arrested and Barnes' undrivable vehicle was towed.

"I was crushed all over again. That car, that one car was everything to me," Barnes said.

What's next

Barnes said her minimum liability insurance doesn’t cover the cost of repairs.

The auto shop will accept half of the $1,300 needed for repairs, Barnes said, and will add the rest to the monthly payments.

But Barnes doesn’t have that kind of money.

Barnes said she prays every day for help but also spends hours on METRO buses looking for a new job.

She said she hasn't had any luck yet.

"You've got to get up, take a bus to three or four places, pray it doesn't rain, pray it's not too hot. The other day I almost passed out because it was so hot," she said.

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