Chemical scare causes Walmart evacuation

Cops: Person wearing a 'Scream' mask mixes chemicals in store

By Ryan Korsgard - Reporter

CLEVELAND, Texas - Investigators are searching for the person responsible for mixing chemicals inside a Walmart and prompting a store-wide evacuation.

It happened Sunday night when police said someone mixed chemicals in a plastic container. Emergency workers evacuated the store and Hazmat removed the container. One employee was taken to the hospital because she had a hard time breathing. She was later treated and released.

"Odors tended to be more of a toxic type smell that was causing some of the people, as well as the employees, to become ill," said Cleveland Police Chief Darrel Broussard. "This occurred late at night where the store did not have the volume of people inside. But it could be something that someone is trying to stage for the response of law enforcement or emergency personnel. It's important that the person be identified if possible."

Police said the person they are looking for was wearing a mask from the movie Scream.

Anyone with information is asked to call Cleveland Police at 281-592-2622.

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