Spencer Solves It: Helping hair stylist whose mobile salon was stolen in Katy

A stylist who specializes in helping kids with special needs and sensory challenges cannot work without her special, traveling studio

Hair stylist Dee Foster holds all she has left of her $40,000, specially equipped, mobile hair salon while shaking her head in disbelief.

“The thieves that stole my salon knocked the bumper off when they crashed through this gate to escape,” Dee said.

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A group of heartless thieves stole Miss Dee’s trailer one month ago from a storage lot off of I-10 and smashed through a steel gate on their way out.

She told KPRC 2′s Bill Spencer that her workstation is more than just a trailer.

The vehicle was Miss Dee’s magical, mobile salon, designed to provide a safe, kid-friendly, quiet space for her to give haircuts to children with special needs whether they’re on the autism spectrum or have with serious sensory issues.

These are kids that just can’t go to a typical hair salon.

“My goal was to give these kids and their parents a sanctuary where they could come and relax and not have to endure the loud and sometimes scary sounds you find in a normal salon,” Dee said. “It was a place I decorated specially for my kids. We even had special chairs designed to comfort these children and lessen the trauma.”

When the Spencer Solves It team heard Dee’s story, she didn’t have to call us for help.

We called her and began working on a solution to help.

That’s when Spencer thought of the incredibly kind owner of Gulfgate Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram.

His name is James Davis and he has helped KPRC with Spencer Solves It many times in the past.

And he’s about to do it AGAIN.

“Miss Dee provides a service that parents just can’t get anywhere else and she is so dedicated to helping these children. We need to help her now and get her back in business,” General Manager at Gulfgate Dodge Calvin Miller said.

So now the folks at Gulfgate will begin searching for the right trailer or cargo van to suit Dee’s needs.

They will buy it for her and then equip it with all of the special things she needs to make it work for her clients.

They will also paint it inside and out to match Miss Dee’s magical vision for the salon.

When we tell Dee what we are going to do for her, she was STUNNED.

“Oh my gosh! I can’t believe it. I can’t believe it. To think that someone does care about me, enough to do this, that’s remarkable. Thank you SO much,” Dee said.


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