Mother files police report, seeks lawyer after she says Fort Bend ISD substitute teacher hit son in head with ruler

MISSOURI CITY, Texas – A Fort Bend ISD mother says she is enraged after a substitute teacher physically assaulted at least two students, including her son at Lake Olympia Middle School.

After speaking with school administrators, she filed a report with Fort Bend ISD claiming that a substitute teacher took a ruler to her son’s head Thursday morning, she also says the teacher’s explanation for why she did it only made matters worse.

“Me and my family are very upset,” said Joan Guerra.

Guerra says Thursday morning she got a text from her son at the school that no parent should have to.

“You watch a lot of the news, and you never expect it to be your own child,” she said.

We are not naming Guerra’s son at the family’s request, but he says the substitute teacher in his first period history class Thursday crossed the line.

“I was like why did she hit me,” he said. “We was just talking, I thought everything was cool and that’s where she started talking about how she used to get hit with paddles back in the day when she was going through school.”

He says he soon realized everything wasn’t cool.

“She came to our table and tried to hit my friend…with a ruler and my friend moved his hands fast, she didn’t hit him then she left and came back and hit me in my head,” he said.

He says the teacher used a wooden ruler.

“I just feel like there was no point in her hitting me, all I was doing was just talking,” he said.

Guerra went to the school and raised her concerns.

“It’s just odd, and then you rebuttal it with, ‘we used to get hit with paddles.’ Ma’am that is your life and your past that has nothing to do with the present time,” she said.

Fort Bend ISD sent us the following statement:

“Campus administrators at Lake Olympia Middle School learned yesterday that a new substitute teacher allegedly struck a few students with a ruler during a class period. As soon as campus leaders heard the allegation, they contacted our FBISD police department, human resources, and CPS. The district’s investigation is ongoing and should conclude early next week. The substitute is no longer on campus. School leaders are in communication with the parents and students who were directly involved in the incident.”

“I said I would like to press charges because at no point should anyone outside of myself, and not even me be putting hands on my son,” Guerra said.

Guerra says she’s looking to pursue legal action.

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