Katy ISD is adjusting its book ban policy: Here’s why

KATY, Texas – Katy Independent School District’s school board voted to unanimously update and adjust the district’s current book removal policy after several children’s classics, including Dr. Seuss’ “Wacky Wednesday” and “No, David!” by David Shannon were put on the district’s removal list because of nudity.

“I think it’s crazy. When I was going to school, they never did anything like that. They never took any books out of the school,” said Katy ISD parent Bryan Thomas.

On Monday night, the school board clarified its stance on nudity in its policy.

“Overall, the policy has to do with, per the law, keeping harmful and obscene material, sexually explicit materials out of the schools and then we have a section in the policy dealing with elementary schools,” said Victor Perez, the President of Katy ISD’s school board.

According to Katy ISD’s website, 14 books have been removed but Perez told KPRC 2 some folks misinterpreted the removal policy.

“The board did not intend that whatsoever to include for example a ‘No, David!’ or a ‘Wacky Wednesday’ book that would include cartoon depictions of little boy’s butt. And so, we made it more clear, changed the sentence to say what we’re talking about is explicit frontal nudity,” Perez said.

“No David!” and “Wacky Wednesday” are no longer on the removal list.

For a full list of removed books or more information on the district’s policy, you can visit katyisd.org.


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