Need an AC/heat unit? Here’s how to get one for free if you’re in need

Stock image of a window air-conditioning unit (Pexels, Pexels)

HOUSTON – Low-income homeowners should contact Rebuilding Together Houston to qualify for a window air-conditioning/heater unit by visiting or by calling 713-659-2511.

Recipients will be scheduled first come, first serve for installation and the delivery of two box fans.

The record-breaking summer heat is threatening low-income Houston area residents more than ever. Families living at or below the poverty-level in aging homes with inefficient temperature control and poor air quality are most at risk for health and safety challenges.

The joint effort is aided by Bank of America.

The service areas include:

  • East End Area: 77003, 77011, 77012, 77023
  • Third Ward Area: 77004
  • Near Northside Area: 77009, 77022
  • Fifth Ward Area: 77020, 77026
  • Sunnyside Area: 77033

“We’re glad to have this opportunity to expand our service areas and help more people under this terrible threat. As our region experiences more incidents of extreme weather each year, Rebuilding Together is focusing on making homes safer and more resilient against these extremes,” explained Christine Holland, Rebuilding Together Houston’s CEO.

“Dangerously high temperatures have impacted everyone, especially those who do not have cooling relief at home,” said Hong Ogle, President, Bank of America Houston. “Everyone deserves a safe place to live, and we are committed to helping our most vulnerable Houston residents during the current heat wave...”

Rebuilding Together Houston provides hundreds of families with home repairs annually. In the last 41 years, it says it has served more than 14,750 people.

“We believe everyone has a right to a safe, healthy, and resilient home that protects them against disaster,” it says in its news release. “The low-income homeowners we serve are in danger of potential displacement and homelessness without our services. We enlist community volunteers and licensed contractors to repair the homes of seniors, U.S. military veterans, and working families in need. Our work improves the safety and structural integrity of homes that are passed from generation to generation, helping to preserve the character of Houston neighborhoods by keeping families in communities that they helped to build.”