‘We’re asking that they follow the law’: 57 grievances filed against HISD and superintendent

The Houston Federation of Teachers has filed several grievances against the Houston Independent School District and Superintendent Mike Miles Tuesday.

In June, HISD Superintendent Mike Miles announced plans to reform 28 HISD campuses and transform them into New Education System schools, or NES schools.

The plan involves a curriculum overhaul and a new teaching model, among several other changes. Shortly after the announcement, the district shared that 57 principals voluntarily aligned with the NES reforms.

Jackie Anderson, President of the Houston Federation of Teachers, told KPRC that the 57 principals did not follow the Texas Education Agency’s Education Code.

“We’re asking that they follow the law,” said Anderson.

According to the Texas Education Agency and as outlined on HISD’s website, each school principal is supposed to meet with their Schools Decision Making Committee concerning matters related to campus planning and curriculum.

The advisory group includes teachers, parents, and community members.

“We have instances where there was no meeting at all,” said Anderson.

Anderson believes the lack of consultation is unfair to teachers who, in some cases, were caught off guard and had no time to adjust.

“It appears to me that they’re stuck there, and that’s one reason why we’re filing a grievance,” said Anderson.

The union is requesting that the district at least allow the impacted teachers the opportunity to leave the 57 NES-aligned schools without penalty.

Anderson says that the Houston Federation of Teachers is prepared for what may come next.

“I’m sure it’s going to be a lengthy process, and we probably will be challenged. But we are working through the law to see what remedy we have for those employees,” said Anderson.

HISD’s Media Relations Team told KPRC that the superintendent will be available to answer questions related to the 57 grievances after the school board meeting Thursday evening.

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