‘Love is what love does’: Houston church comes to aid of 80-year-old veteran robbed, beaten in home invasion

CHANNELVIEW – A church in Houston came together to help an 80-year-old veteran who was robbed and beaten.

“I saw this on Channel 2. When I saw it…it is like the Holy Spirit touched me,” Bishop James Dixon said.

Lee Rooker lives on his own. He is disabled and cannot get around as much. He said he never thought someone would rob and hurt him, but he is thankful for the love and support he has received.

On Sunday afternoon, members of the Community of Faith Church in Houston came together to sing, pray, and offer their blessings to Rooker.

“This is love from God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit,” Rooker said.

Last week, the 80-year-old Marine Corps veteran spoke only to KPRC 2 after he was robbed and beaten during a violent home invasion.

Rooker believes it was an inside job because the thieves knew exactly what they wanted.

“And I got a good idea of who it was. Now, less than 10 minutes they got over $3,000 cash and five presidential 18-carat gold coins valued at over $50,000 each,” he said.

He is still recovering after being hit in the face.

“They hit me in the eye over here and on my nose. This eye I see double vision, this one has a film over it,” he said.

The heartbreaking story got the attention of the Community of Faith Church in Houston.

“The love of God guided our hearts and said our brother had been overtaken by criminals. They assaulted him. An 80-year-old retired veteran. We said we got to do something, not just say a prayer, but be the answer to his prayers,” Bishop Dixon said.

Bishop Dixon and members of his church congregation raised money to help Rooker.

“This is love in their hearts for an old man, 80 years old who can’t protect himself,” Rooker said.

“Love is what love does. Sometimes we got to stop having church and go out and be the church,” Dixon said.

Dixon said he also wants to help the small community get some security lights installed and upgraded.

“We are not blaming anyone. We are just simply saying we can all do better if we do it together,” he said.

Rooker said it is something the community needs.

“I appreciate that. God bless each and every one of you,” he said.

Commissioner Adrian Garcia represents the area. A spokesperson says he plans to visit Rooker later this week and work to upgrade the security lights in the community.

Anyone with information is asked to give the Harris County Sheriff’s Office a call.

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