Thousands of Harris County residents remain in the dark, one day after storms roll through area

HARRIS COUNTY – More than 24 hours after powerful storms knocked out power for over 271,000 CenterPoint customers in the Houston area Thursday, thousands are still in the dark with no air conditioning Friday night.

The Northwest Harris County area was hit especially hard.

CenterPoint crews were seen working late into the night on Archmont Drive in Cypress, trying to get the lights back on.

“It’s just crazy, look, I’m out here sweating right now, so imagine how I feel in the house, “said Kyseem Alexander “It’s just too hot for this.”

The power outages have been an inconvenience. People, like Claire Palmer, looked for things to do outside of the house to stay cool.

“The Connie’s Frozen Custard down the street is out of power, so if you want ice cream go over to the McDonalds instead, McFlurry, 10 out of 10, I recommend,” Palmer said.

On Aubreywood Lane in the Linnfield subdivision, some children found relief in a kiddie pool. Their family is without power, but some of their neighbors have been lucky.

“This side of my neighborhood we don’t have power, and this side has power,” said Natalie Martinez.

Many said they understand the circumstances surrounding this unfortunate situation, and instead of complaining, they’re counting their blessings.

“We’re still blessed that we have a roof over our head,” said Rayleigh Carson.

“We’ve been powering thru it, and we’ve had fun hanging out with each other,” said Zona Clark.

But they said they’ll be happy when crews complete the work.

“We’d like them to speed it up of course, but you know they can only work as fast as they can,” said Dr. Edward H. Hartnett Jr.

CenterPoint said crews will continue working non-stop, but they don’t expect to have all the power restored until sometime Saturday evening.

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