United Airlines plans to redevelop Terminal B at Bush Intercontinental Airport

HOUSTON – United Airlines has plans to redo, expand, and modernize Terminal B at Bush Intercontinental Airport.

The proposal was discussed to Houston’s Economic Development Committee.

Some travelers said the project is much needed and others said they want Terminal B to remain the same. United officials said the project could triple its capacity of the current facility and improve travel experience.

It’s always busy at Bush Intercontinental Airport.

Crews continue to work on a new international terminal at the airport that is set to be finished next year. Some travelers said the construction is a mess.

“Yes, it’s a migraine just trying to get through here on time,” Pamela Jackson said.

Now, there are plans to redevelop and transform Terminal B operated by United Airlines.

“Well, it does look a little dated,” Jackson said.

Airport system and United officials laid out their plans to members of the Economic Development Committee last week. Officials said the existing terminal is undersized, outdated and cannot support United’s new Aircraft plan for IAH on replacing smaller aircrafts with larger ones.

“As we work from a 4-star airport at Bush to try and get to a 5-star airport this project that United is bringing forward is a significant step forward,” Jim Szczesniak, chief operating officer for the Airport Systems said.

Officials showed renderings of the proposal that would change everything from departure, ticketing, baggage claims and security checkpoints.

KPRC asked travelers about the project.

“If they make it bigger and better that would be nice,” Sammy Wilson said.

“I hate to hear that because it’s just right. You get off a connecting flight and come to this terminal to relax and sit down. It’s small and easy. It’s been like this forever I hate to hear that,” one traveler said.

In a statement, a spokesperson for United Airlines said,

“The Terminal B Transformation at IAH is a groundbreaking initiative that represents United’s commitment to revolutionizing the passenger experience. With a strong focus on intuitive customer movements, we are creating a terminal that truly embodies the spirit of Houston while prioritizing sustainability. Our design solutions incorporate local elements and innovative wayfinding systems, ensuring an authentic and memorable journey for our valued passengers.”

The project has to be approved. United Airlines officials said they aim to minimize disruptions. Officials add the project could bring in about 2,000 jobs.

The proposed development is not connected to the ongoing construction at Terminals D and E.

You can view the proposed plan here,

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