New Houston ISD superintendent’s initiative to focus heavily on 29 schools

HOUSTON – Major changes are in store for the Houston Independent School District.

State appointed Superintendent Mike Miles said the district’s number one priority is quality of instruction to move HISD forward.

Miles said his New Education Schools initiative will focus heavily on the 29 schools that feed into three of the district’s lowest performing high schools. Teachers, principals, and even the custodial staff who are not under contract must reapply for their jobs, and the district’s top teachers would be encouraged to apply for jobs at the underperforming schools for higher pay.

Angela Lemond Flowers, Rick Campo, Audrey Momanaee, and Rolando Martinez, four of the TEA appointed board of managers who replaced the elected board of trustees, spoke to KPRC 2 Friday. The group said the superintendent’s plan makes sense.

“He’s saying I need the best teachers, I need the best educator, I need the best thought leaders in the district, and I need you to do the hard work for kids, and he’s inviting people into that, by choice, people do not have to opt in,” said Flowers.

“I think he is focused, and we are all focused on every single kid in HISD,” said Momanaee.

The Board of Manager understands that not everyone agrees with the changes.

“Right now, nobody has a reason to trust us at all, but actions speak louder than words, so watch what we do,” said Campo.

But the new leaders said they are up for the challenge.

“Change breeds anxiety. What we have to do is provide a level of support, so that the anxiety turns to hope,” said Miles.

Superintendent Miles plans to hold meetings throughout the summer to meet with the community and to answer questions.

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