KPRC 2 Pet Project: Meet Watermelon, the pup who is fresh and sweet

HOUSTON – Watermelon, the 2-year-old pup, is hoping to get adopted. He is a large brindle mixed breed.

Watermelon is friendly with cats and dogs. He has a beautiful coat and a playful personality that will make you enjoy spending time with him.

Be careful though, Watermelon likes taking himself on walks. He likes grabbing the leash from people when they’re taking him outside.

If you want a pup with unwavering affection and endless tail wags, Watermelon is the perfect pup for you.

Watermelon wants you to adopt him. (Houston Humane Society)

If you’re interested in welcoming Watermelon into your home, you can jump-start the adoption process by filling out this form.

For more information, call (713) 433-6421 or visit

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