Gov. Greg Abbott signs CROWN Act into law banning race-based hair discrimination

Texas House of Representatives hearing on CROWN Act

HOUSTON – The CROWN Act was signed into law by Texas Governor Greg Abbott on Saturday.

The legislation makes race-based hair discrimination illegal in Texas schools, places of employment and housing. Texas Representative Rhetta Andrews Bowers, who created House Bill 567, shared her excitement on Twitter.

Texas lawmaker again tries to block discriminatory hairstyle bans in schools and workplaces

“The Governor has signed HB 567, the Texas CROWN Act! Thank you to Adjoa B. Asamoah, Co-Creator of the CROWN Coalition and Senator Borris L. Miles, our Senate Sponsor, and the countless tireless advocates for all of your hard work. We did it!” Bowers said on social media.

Asamoah approached Bowers with the CROWN Act in 2019. More people learned about the bill after two Houston-area students were told they should cut their hair or else they would have to face disciplinary actions. CROWN stands for Creating a Respectful and Open World for Natural Hair.

“As a policy architect who conceptualized changing the law in 2018, subsequently developed the legislative and social impact strategies for the CROWN Act, and brought the legislation to Texas in 2019, well before hair discrimination was making national headlines, I am overjoyed that the CROWN Act has been signed into law in Texas! I’m forever grateful for the servant leadership of Representative Bowers and Senator Miles. They both embody what it means to lead boldly and commit to ushering a bill across the finish line. The partnership between the three of us has been invaluable as we have worked collaboratively, strategically, and tirelessly to finally accomplish a goal set back in 2019,” Asamoah said in a news release.

The Senate approved the bill in May and the House passed it in April. The law takes effect in September.

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