HPD car, suspect vehicle crash into neighboring homes in east Houston after chase

HOUSTON – A police chase in east Houston ended with the suspect and an officer crashing into two separate homes.

Houston police said the chase and crash happened around noon on Thursday.

Police began pursuing a suspect in the 1000 block of Cimarron Street. The chase ended with the two vehicles crashing into homes at the intersection of Cimarron Street and HollyPark Drive.

No injuries were reported, and the vehicles have since been removed from the homes.

KPRC 2 spoke to the homeowner, Rosa Hernandez, who said she is grateful to be alive.

Hernandez said she moved into the home on Hollypark Drive 20 days ago. She said she was mowing the grass when she saw two cars speeding over 60 miles per hour down the street. She said the chase was scary and she almost passed out because the officer was close to hitting her.

The suspect’s car crashed into her neighbor’s home and the HPD cruiser slammed into her house. The crash split the support beams, cracked the sheetrock, and left bricks on the ground.

“It was very scary. I’m glad that I’m here. I was super scared. I just ran to the other side of the house because I didn’t know if they were going to start shooting or something,” Hernandez said.

Now, Hernandez said she is stuck dealing with the insurance company and trying to figure out who will clean up the mess.

She said Houston police should be responsible.

“They just said sorry, but no one is going to help us clean up anything. They just gave me a report number and told me to call tomorrow. No one said anything about today, so we are upset. We need help. I think we may not be able to stay here tonight. I don’t know, we have to figure it out,” she said.

It is unclear at this time what charges the suspect will be facing. Houston police said the officer had minor injuries.

About the Author:

Christian Terry covered digital news in Tyler and Wichita Falls before returning to the Houston area where he grew up. He is passionate about weather and the outdoors and often spends his days off on the water fishing.