Dog disease forces closure of Sugar Land Animal Shelter

Expects to be closed 4-6 weeks

SUGAR LAND – The City of Sugar Land announced the city’s animal shelter expects to be closed for the next four to six weeks after taking in a dog that tested positive for distemper.

Canine distemper cannot be transmitted to humans or cats, but is considered highly contagious. The shelter’s veterinarian has recommended the closure to minimize exposure, treat affected animals and monitor the animal shelter’s dog population.

“It is crucial for us to have the ability to care for and continue our testing of the current animal population,” said Director of Environmental and Neighborhood Services Dawn Steph. “We need to adequately isolate our existing animals from new intake and will be utilizing Duhasek Park as a temporary shelter for dogs.”

The city said it is strongly recommended that the public ensure their dogs are current on all necessary vaccinations: distemper, parvo, parainfluenza, bordetella and rabies (as required by state law).

The city said dogs suspected of having distemper should be isolated, treated and tested. Distemper symptoms may include thick nasal discharge, coughing, sneezing, crusting eyes, fever, tremors and seizures. Dog owners noting those symptoms should contact their veterinarian for treatment or additional information.

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