300 foster families receive early Easter lunch in Cypress

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas – Easter came early for some area foster families. Several activists, community organizations and state and local leaders hosted the first ever Easter lunch for 300 CPS foster families Saturday.

The event was held at Blessties Christian Apparel in Cypress.

Saturday was not only about celebrating Easter but to recognize the foster families for helping children in foster care succeed.

Cotton candy, a bounce house, and the Easter Bunny, all to celebrate Easter with local foster children and their families.

“So many foster homes go unrecognized and this is a great opportunity for foster homes to be recognized,” said foster parent Shawntee Christian.

Christian brought her family to Saturday’s lunch in Cypress. She was inspired to become a foster parent after seeing her daughter’s friend go through the system. The mom of three is now fostering two teen girls.

“Both my teenagers are intellectually disabled so both of them have very low IQ’s due to drug use of their biological mothers,” Christian said.

Frankie Meyers says being a foster parent is a true calling.

“Everyone can have a way to contribute and mine is has always been like the little old lady in the shoe, to bring them in, because I teach and some how or another they come home with me,” Meyers said.

Local leaders and activists say the demand for foster parents is high. Dr. Candice Matthews says there are roughly 4,500 foster children in Harris County.

“Out of 100 percent, maybe 89 percent is waiting for homes,” said Matthews. “They have children right now that are in CWAP which is considered child without placement because there’s not enough foster families, not enough foster homes.”

“Foster families are providing hope, providing opportunities for these children and stable homes,” said State Rep. Ron Reynolds. “Because without them, there is high rates of them going into the criminal justice system, high rates of suicide, high rates of addiction.”

Christian says the key to becoming a foster parent is patience.

“Be patient. Be patient. Fostering is a learning experience,” Christian said.

She says seeing the children succeed is worth it.

For anyone wanting to become a foster parent, we have those resources and information here and here.

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