Spiked root beer? Houston man went from working at liquor store to brewing his own wine-based root beer

HOUSTON – At 52 years old, Devin Strahan said he is living his wildest dream.

Over an eight-year journey of sweat and determination, Strahan has gone from cash register clerk at a liquor store to now owning his own liquor company, Devin’s Spiked Root Beer.

Strahan is the owner, CEO, brewmaster, distributor, salesman and delivery man.

Despite the major accomplishment, Strahan said the journey, which started in 2015, has not been easy. Since the beginning, he said his company has gone through three different formulas and almost lost everything during the pandemic.

”My most challenging moment was when I was working for another company and I received a check for less than 100 bucks after working 40 hours (but) I kept pressing through,” said Strahan.

Now, having launched four different versions of his spiked root beer, Strahan is selling his beverage in no less than 19 different stores, including Total Wine and More and Blood Brothers Bar-B-Que.

When asking Strahan what helped pull him through those tough moments, he said determination.

“I knew exactly what I wanted to do from day one in 2015 when I decided to do this, and I pursued it. It was consistent and persistent. I think you have to be steadfast and hungry for it. In fact, I prefer to say you need to be starving for this,” Strahan said.

If you would like to try out Devin’s Spiked Root Beer, Strahan will be offering samples in late March at the Wild, Wild Brewfest in Katy.

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