Residents in Gulfgate community say they’re fed up with HOA board

HOUSTON – Residents living at the Berkeley Court Condominiums on the Gulf Freeway are expressing their frustration and concerns about management and the Homeowners Association.

“Take a walk around here, there are all kinds of safety deals with the sidewalks. The plumbing has been a mess,” Robert McDaniel said.

Residents say the HOA continues to increase fees without providing an explanation.

“We are just concerned because we are like, ‘Where is our money going to?’ All these fines and any little thing they want to find you,” Lucy Gomez said.

KPRC 2 reached out to the HOA board on Sunday and was hung up on twice. Residents say when they reach out to management about issues, their requests are ignored.

“They’re in a nice location, but our board and the people that manage this place, they give us no respect,” McDaniel said.

Residents say they are fed up with issues and unnecessary fees.

“I’ve been here more than 10 years, and it’s just gotten worse and worse throughout the years,” Gomez said.

Residents showed KPRC 2’s Re’Chelle Turner mold inside laundry rooms and bedrooms, uneven sidewalks, and cracks in the foundation at the complex. Residents say the Homeowners Association continues to hike up fees and ignores problems at the complex.

Gomez showed KPRC 2 a $3,000 invoice for a water leak her unit didn’t even have. She paid it to avoid losing her home.

“Because if I don’t, then they will send it over to a lawyer and it’s like $500 on top of that. So, it’s fine on top of fine. It’s a never-ending story,” she said.

“I tell you my blood pressure is high because all the stuff that I go through around here. The constant harassment. The latest thing is that they want to go up 126% on our assessments when our declaration states that you can only raise it 110% or what it was the previous year,” Issac Machen said.

Resident say HOA fees range from $238 to $441.

Patricia Ledet paid her HOA fees for the year and says she’s already received a late fee.

“How do I have a late fee when I paid in full in December? I sent the HOA a certified letter - give me back my money,” Ledet said.

KPRC 2 tried speaking to one of the HOA members who lives at the complex, but no one came to the door.

“We want this board removed. We want a fair election,” McDaniel said.

Residents want to know where their money is going and hopes the HOA will be held accountable.

“We have to make sure we take our community back; otherwise, this place is going to pieces more than what it is already,” Besty Cherian said.

Residents had an HOA meeting earlier this week and say nothing was resolved. They say they need about 80 residents to vote in a new board.

If you would like to help residents at the complex, send an email to

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