Family claims mother’s remains leaked out of casket inside Houston mausoleum

‘They said it may be water or some oil leaking, and then after they came in and opened it up, they realized it was her remains.’

HOUSTON – Tina Evans wanted to share her story with KPRC 2 Investigates, not so much for Houstonians to have sympathy for her family, but because she wants families to take her story as a warning.

“I’m not looking for anyone to feel sorry. I want no pity from no one. I just want everyone to make sure when they bury their parents that it is properly wrapped,” said Evans.

The advice is the result of struggles that she and her family have endured over the last year.

“What should have been a final goodbye has turned into a lifetime nightmare,” said veteran plaintiffs attorney Ben Hall.

The Evans family filed a lawsuit against Forest Park Lawndale in southeast Houston as well as the casket company who supplied the casket for their mother.

“The casket is leaking,” said Evans in reference to what she told cemetery officials.

Evans claims her mother’s casket was never properly wrapped.

“No one would ever imagine that it is her remains leaking,” said Evans.

Her mother passed away nearly 10 years ago and her father passed away last year.

It was then, as they visited the family’s mausoleum and prepared to inter their father, they noticed visible stains around their mother’s final resting spot.

The family says they made cemetery officials aware of the discoloration and stains.

“They said it may be water or some oil leaking, and then after they came in and opened it up, they realized it was her remains,” said Evans.

Cemetary workers in protective suits moved Evans’ mother’s remains to another temporary location.

A proper resolution has yet to be reached and, thus, the lawsuit was filed on which Forest Park is not commenting. A representative told KPRC 2 Investigates that it is out of respect for the Evans family and the pending litigation.

Conversations between the two sides have revealed the cemetery’s position, according to their attorney.

“The cemetery has taken the position, we had to move the bodies to another mausoleum that is costing us money, taking space away for us. Our position is, that is your fault,” said Hall.

The bottom line for Evans and her family?

“You’re never supposed to bury your mother and your father and then unbury them again,” said Evans.

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