Katy man leads Texas troopers on high speed chase while recording video posted on YouTube

According to court records, the 23-year-old suspect has fled from state troopers three times since September. He is now out on bond.

A 23-year-old Katy man is out on bond after he fled from Texas state troopers three different times, twice at high speeds and once on foot.

In Allen Lynch’s most recent pursuit on Feb. 4 on the Katy Freeway, he documented each step of escaping and hiding in a video posted on YouTube.

“You’ve been stopped because of your expired temp tags,” a state trooper is heard saying in the video.

It appeared as a routine traffic stop, and the state trooper asked him for his license.

“Go ahead and step out with me as well,” the trooper said.

But Lynch immediately took off and sped down the Katy Freeway, quickly changing lanes and swerving around other cars.

According to DPS, the trooper terminated the pursuit.

“So y’all, I got away,” Lynch said on the YouTube video.

He kept the camera rolling after he parked and hid out for what he said was up to four hours.

“They gotta catch me first. They gonna have to catch me first, man. I ain’t finna go to jail, ya feel. I ain’t finna make their job easy,” he said in the YouTube video. “Their job is to catch us. Our job is it run away.”

DPS wrote on Twitter: “Bragging about evading from Troopers on social media is one way to get law enforcement attention in Harris County.”

Lynch was arrested on Feb. 7 for two counts of evading with a vehicle and one count of evading.

State troopers first tried to stop him on Sept. 2 because his temporary plates were folded up and couldn’t be read, according to court documents. Troopers reported smelling marijuana when they walked up to his car. When asked to exit the vehicle, he sped off then, too, according to documents. That pursuit reached speeds of 120 miles per hour but was terminated.

When state troopers re-located him on Sept. 7, he ran away on foot. State troopers were able to fully see the temporary tag, but when they ran it, there was no return, “indicating that it could be fraudulent,” documents state.

“That’s like the third time they tried me bro, they keep trying me,” Lynch said in the YouTube video of the Feb. 4 chase.

Lynch also showed tire damage to his Impala after the Feb. 4 chase in the YouTube video.

“So I made it back home,” he later said in the video from a bed. “Nobody try none of that stuff at home, cause it’s not safe.”

Court records show a judge set his bond at $20,000, which he posted on Feb. 10.

Additional charges could be filed, according to DPS.

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