Afghan soldier who supported US troops went from federal detention center to being honored at federal building

Last month, a man reached out to us for help regarding his brother who was seeking asylum from the Taliban, but ended up behind bars in Texas even though he helped the US in the war. Now, his brother is now free after what has been described as a grueling four months behind bars.

TEXAS – A much-anticipated reunion between two brothers from Afghanistan who worked with the United States military in the war against the Taliban happened on Friday.

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, who worked to free one of the men who was jailed while seeking asylum, stood alongside the brothers at the Federal building.

All three acknowledged the work of KPRC2′s Deven Clarke who connected the Congresswoman with the brothers.

“I am… relieved to be standing in front of you all today,” said Abdul Wasi Safi who went from being federally detained to being honored for his service at the Federal Building.

After four months in Texas federal detention centers, Abdul Wasi Safi is getting the chance to experience freedom on American soil.

“I am hopeful for the next step in this process and one day being able to live the American dream,” Abdul said.

After the Afghan soldier was detained, his brother Sami Safi asked KPRC 2 to amplify their story.

“I would like to first thank Congresswoman Shelia Jackson Lee for helping us by simply a call from Deven,” Sami said.

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee says she worked tirelessly with the White House for justice.

“For the last couple of months, Sami could not live his life because all he was doing was trying to be free or get his brother to be free, and for him to be free from the fear of what would happen to his brother,” Jackson Lee said.

She says freeing Abdul was a national issue that was about keeping America’s promise to our allies.

“They care about democracy, they cared about the US soldiers,” she said.

On Friday, Abdul was honored for his loyalty to our country.

“This is to present to Abdul Wasi Safi the Military and Humanitarian Service Award,” said Jackson Lee amid a round of applause.

She says she’s going back to Washington DC to work on ways to help true allies seeking asylum have a more streamlined process.

Abdul says he’s looking forward to living and working in the United States.

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