Pasadena woman grateful to be alive after tornado destroys her home

PASADENA, Texas – A Pasadena woman is thankful to be alive after The National Weather Service says an EF2 tornado ripped through her home.

Norma Ayala lives in the Meadows Bliss neighborhood along Meadow Loop West and South Meadow Court and is still shaken up.

The 72-year-old was sitting on her couch when the tornado blew off her roof. She’s thankful for so many people who have reached out to help her.

“I start praying because I saw the news…it’s a tornado,” Norma Ayala said.

Norma Ayala has lived at her Pasadena home for 38 years and on Tuesday she lost everything.

“I hear something like a choo-choo train, and I feel the ceiling dropping or something. I check the ceiling and see the whole ceiling coming to me,” she said.

Norma survived and this morning the National Weather Service surveyed the damage and says an EF2 tornado destroyed the home.

“The roof was blown up, front wall came down,” Jeffry Evans, NWS Houston Galveston Meteorologist said.

Jeffrey Evans says the Houston metro area hasn’t seen a tornado of this magnitude since 1992.

“What’s uncommon about this tornado is how long it was on the ground and how large it was. We are looking at about a half mile wide on the ground for tens of miles through a major metropolitan area,” Evans said.

The historic storm has left many people like Norma picking up what’s left behind.

“I’m looking for somebody to help me build my house again because I don’t have insurance,” Norma said.

“That’s where we get a chance to help. So, if you’re watching this and you’ve seen the house, she got out of there with her life.” Several groups and churches already stepping up to help those in need,” Felicia Comeaux, Fellowship of Christian Athletes said.

“She served at the local school district here for 35 years, so teachers, friends and family have all been checking up on her, so we are blessed to have the support of the community,” Jamie Ayala said.

Just after 5pm, Norma was reunited with her dog named Coco. The dog ran away after the tornado hit.

If you would like to help Mrs. Norma, click here. Her family set up a GoFundMe Page to help with housing assistance and prescriptions.

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