Several dogs displaced after storms rip roof off Pasadena Animal Shelter

70-100 dogs were inside the shelter at the time, officials say

PASADENA, Texas – Pasadena Animal Shelter’s roof was ripped off during Tuesday’s storms while people and animals were inside.

Jeffry Evans is an NWS Houston Galveston Meteorologist.

“We have some tools to assess what kind of winds would have created this type of damage. Right here, the way the roof line got peeled off and it was bolted in, estimated winds about 100 miles per hour, which would place in at as EF-1 at this location and that is pretty consistent on what we are seeing with the roof loss down at this house, also EF1 damage in this location,” Evans said.

Evans is serving storm damage throughout Pasadena in southeast Houston. Another crew is working in Deer Park and Baytown.

“We are seeing a lot of EF0 to EF2 damage.  Very wide tornado.  Looks like it was on the ground for a considerable period of time.” Explained Evans.

According to Evans, the tornado was half-a-mile at some points Tuesday afternoon.

Lisa Tynan is Houston PetSet Marketing and Special Events Specialist.

“It’s really hard to look at that building and think about the animals that were in there when the tornado hit and how scared they must have been, but a relief to know they are all safe,” Tyann said.

Tynan said the need is great.

“Right now, fostering and donating, there are a few dogs left here most of them have fortunately been taken to other shelter locations, but they will also need help with fostering because everybody and every shelter, every rescue needs help with fostering. It shouldn’t cost you anything unless you want to go out and buy some toys and beds, but usually, they will send you home with a crate and food, with any RX they are on, and they will cover all the costs of vet care.  A win, win for everybody,” explained Tynan.

At the time this article was published, officials estimate 70-100 dogs were inside the shelter. Two dogs were injured. An update on their condition is expected Wednesday afternoon.

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