‘The math is not mathin’: Turkey Leg Hut responds to $1.2 million lawsuit filed by US Foods over late grocery bill

(Turkey Leg Hut)

HOUSTON – Well known for its celebrity sightings just as much as it is for its great food, a wildly popular Houston restaurant is in the headlines for not paying its bills, according to a recently filed lawsuit.

Turkey Leg Hut, with lines wrapped around the corner for its signature stuffed turkey legs, is being sued for more than $1.2 million by US Foods, a food service distributor which filed the lawsuit in December 2022 against the restaurant and co-owner, Nakia Price.

“The total amount currently due and owing from Turkey Leg under the Turkey Leg Customer Agreement is $1,288,583.12, exclusive of interest, costs, and fees,” the lawsuit reads.

In the beginning of September 2020, US Foods and Turkey Leg Hut agreed on delivery of service and goods, according to the lawsuit. Price also allegedly agreed to pay all costs, expenses and fees, including attorney fees. The TLH and Price also agreed to pay a 1.5% interest a month in past due payments.

From May 2022 through September 2022, US Foods has sold, shipped, and delivered produce to the Turkey Leg Hut, the lawsuit alleges. On Sept. 15, 2022, US Foods reportedly sent a letter containing a demand for the full payment but stated that the business did not respond.

In a statement sent to KPRC 2, the owners of the Turkey Leg Hut said they were unaware of the pending lawsuit until Thursday and simply says, the math isn’t adding up.

Owner of the Turkey Leg Hut released the following statement:

“Turkey Leg Hut was not aware of a pending lawsuit until we were contacted by the media Thursday afternoon. From what we can see, this is not adding up and cannot comment further on the pending litigation. The math is not mathin’.”

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