‘It just keeps happening’: Baytown business owner says his property has been hit multiple times by thieves in past 3 months

BAYTOWN, Texas – Repeated burglaries have led to years of frustration for a business owner in Baytown whose property has been broken into multiple times over the past three months.

“It just keeps happening and happening and happening,” said Wolfgang Fischer, owner of IMC Hydraulics, which is located in the 4500 block of W. Baker Road in Baytown.

The most recent break-in occurred Tuesday morning, according to Fischer, leaving his space without electricity.

“Now, they cut the wire loose and everything like this again where we’re without power from stripping the wires,” he said, adding on multiple occasions surveillance video showed multiple hits of his business on multiple days.

He said he uses the space to store equipment and has filed multiple reports with Baytown police, however, no arrests have been made.

Who are these suspects and how have they not been caught are the two questions that evade Fischer.

“It hurts because we’re out doing jobs and we have to come back and deal with this. It shuts a whole job down. But not only that, that’s thousands of dollars in a day.”