🦞Crawfish prices increasing: Your next boil is about to get expensive

Data shows average price per pound of crawfish is higher than ever in years

Crawfish (Pixabay)

HOUSTON – Those crawfish boils are about to get a little more pricey this year.

This year’s mudbugs are expected to be nearly two dollars more compared to last year.

Latest data from The Crawfish App -- an app that shows updated crawfish price data from over 1600 businesses, show average prices per pound in Louisiana are $7.55 per pound for boiled crawfish and $5.67 per pound for live crawfish.

Crawfish fanatics are looking at an average of $200 for one sack, according to The Crawfish App.

And that doesn’t include the ingredients, such as corn, seasonings, and more.

The Crawfish App says prices in January are expected to be higher than the rest of the season.

However, farmers say freezing December temperatures, cold snaps, and low supplies are expected to keep the prices for both live and boiled crawfish at a premium this year.

What do you think about the price increase in crawfish this year? Tell us in the comments below.

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