‘They need a lot of resources’: President Biden speaks on Border Personnel

EL PASO, Texas – President Joe Biden’s first visit to El Paso on Sunday afternoon since taking office was spent with local officials and personnel from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

President Biden himself even visited a stretch of the border with officers near downtown to get a close view of the wall.

Biden’s trip comes less than a month after the city declared a state of emergency after tens of thousands flooded the city’s streets.

As President Biden descended from Air Force One, he locked eyes with Texas Governor Greg Abbott, who was waiting on the tarmac with a solutions letter for the president.

“He needs to step up and take swift action, including reimbursing the state of Texas for the money that we spent, but providing more resources for the Federal Government to do its job,” said Governor Abbott.

Prior to the President’s arrival, KPRC 2 spoke with multiple El Paso residents who said it was time to properly address the problem that has impacted their city.

Approximately 25 minutes north of the city, a new detention center is being built to accommodate several thousands of migrants, according to a federal official. The state of Texas also has implemented additional fencing and personnel.

President Biden had very little to say to the media, but did tell a pool reporter help is coming for American personnel working the frontlines “They need a lot of resources. We’re going to get it for them,” said Biden.

On Sunday night outside of Sacred Heart Church where migrants have been camping for weeks Biden’s message was concerning, “That information is sad,” said Richard Rodriguez who arrived over New Year’s weekend.

For now many migrants are staying put at the church awaiting their fate.

They have more questions than answers.

Biden departed El Paso after a nearly four hour visit. Prior to to leaving for Mexico City the president made it clear to a pool reported he has yet to read Governor Abbott’s letter with proposed solutions.

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