‘Get out before I kill you!’: Video shows terrifying armed robbery of rideshare driver in west Houston

HOUSTON – New dash camera video of two riders attacking an Uber driver and holding a gun to his head was released by the Houston Police department Tuesday, pleading for help from the public to identify the suspects involved.

“They put the gun to my head, behind me, and shouting like, ‘Get out of the car,’” driver Dovran told KPRC 2.

On Oct. 18, at around 11 a.m., while driving for Uber, Dovran said he received a pickup request from a man named “MJ” in a parking lot behind a McDonald’s in the 7600 block of Westheimer Road.

They set a drop-off location for less than a mile away, near a Walmart, but then changed the location to an apartment complex located at 2929 Dunvale Rd, according to HPD.

That’s where the service member who spent seven years in the Army Reserves and drives full-time for Uber survived the scariest moment in his five years as a driver.

“Luckily, he didn’t shoot me,” Dovran said.

He told investigators that as they approached the apartments, one of the men pulled out a handgun and demanded he exit the vehicle.

Dashcam video then captures one of the suspects getting out the rear passenger door and opening the driver’s door, attempting to pull Dovran from the car.

“I was holding my seatbelt so they failed,” Dovran said.

After a struggle, that man fell to the ground along with Dovran’s cell phone. He was terrified but his only thought was to find a way to escape.

“I pushed on the gas pedal and started driving off,” he said. “The guy in the backseat was still holding the gun to my head.”

Dovran told police he refused to stop despite still being yelled at to do so, which is when the second attacker eventually jumped out of the moving vehicle.

One of the attackers left their phone behind in the car.

“I was shocked, you know. I was thankful to God like, he didn’t shoot me,” Dovran said. “Thankful. I’m lucky.”

Police said Dovran then drove to a different location where he called the police.

Uber released the following statement regarding the incident:

“The actions of the riders shown in the video were chilling to watch and we are grateful the driver wasn’t injured. We removed the rider’s access and have reached out to the driver to offer support. We look forward to assisting police in identifying those responsible.”

The rideshare company allows drivers to end a ride anytime they feel unsafe, according to the Uber driver safety website.

Anyone with information is being asked to call Crime Stoppers of Houston at 713-222-8477. Crime Stoppers may pay up to $5,000 for information that will lead to an arrest.

Watch the terrifying video below:

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