‘Refrain’ due to ‘strain’: City officials in surrounding Houston areas ask residents to stop dripping faucets

A dripping faucet stock photo (Pixabay, Pixabay.com)

HOUSTON – There has already been confusion on whether “to drip or not to drip” during this week’s “big chill,” but that may no longer be an issue because several local officials are asking people in the surrounding Houston areas to stop dripping their faucets as it can cause more harm than good at this time.


From the beginning, the City of Houston asked that people not drip their faucets because it could put pressure on the system that could actually cause pressure losses throughout the system. They explained that Houston’s system is run not through water towers, but through re-pump stations on the ground and it requires electricity.

As an update, they have sent out notifications on what to do and how to report water leaks and burst pipes, which have caused “stress” on the system.


The City of Pasadena requested Saturday that all residents refrain from dripping their faucets due to the strain that it is putting on the local water supply system. This includes back-flow preventers, irrigation systems and pool equipment.

Officials also advised any residents who locate a water break or leak on their property, to please attempt to turn the water off at the meter or secondary shut off valve next to your home.


Deer Park is also urging residents to stop dripping faucets as temperatures are returning back to normal. City officials said they need time to replenish their diminishing water supply.

Notifications from more cities and counties will be added as information / updates are released.