LOOK AT THAT LINE đź‘€-- VIDEOS: This is what extreme weather, its epic impact looks like right now across the US

Long line forms at DFW Airport as storms snarl holiday travel

An epic line wound around Dallas-Fort Worth Airport as travelers faced an uncertain plans ahead of the Christmas holiday on Friday.

As Storyful shared, the poster said people were waiting in a help line for assistance from American Airlines.

Yikes -- and they were lucky. They were indoors.

Take a look at that massive line at DFW Airport below and take a look at just some of the challenging conditions people are facing across the U.S. as winter made its presence felt in many more ways than one. Read more about the historic winter storm here.



New York

An arctic cold front brought snow, gusty winds and “a rapid drop in temperatures” to Buffalo, New York, on Friday, December 23, according to the National Weather Service. The NWS reported nearly 1.5 inches of snow by Friday morning, as well as powerful wind gusts over 70 mph. Video posted by Twitter user Bill Faust, which he said was filmed in Buffalo, shows strong winds and heavy snowfall.