2 dead in 11-vehicle crash involving motorcyclist on I-45 North Freeway and SH-242 southbound in Montgomery County: DPS

An off-duty HPD officer was also injured while trying to help during the crash, investigators said.

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Texas – An investigation is underway after a multi-vehicle crash where two people died on IH-45 North Freeway and SH-242 southbound in Montgomery County Tuesday, officials with the Texas Department of Public Safety said.

Multiple law enforcement agencies are assisting DPS after they received multiple calls around 11:15 p.m. in reference to a motorcycle crash that involved as many as 11 vehicles.

Units said when they arrived at the scene, they located vehicles that were scattered across the northbound lanes for over one-half mile. Officials said they also found a motorcyclist dead along the feeder and another person who was dead in the southbound main lanes.

Early investigation revealed a DPS trooper was near Research and I-45 conducting a traffic stop when a motorcyclist passed him at an extremely high rate of speed and then exited the freeway to the northbound feeder, according to DPS. As he did, authorities said a Lexus was pulling out of the Metro Park Center parking lot. As that vehicle turned out of the parking lot, the motorcyclist reportedly struck the front of the vehicle’s left side. Investigators said the driver of the bike was ejected and thrown into the ditch.

Authorities said the Suzuki motorcycle continued across the median and across the main lanes of traffic, reportedly being struck several times.

According to DPS, one driver got out of his vehicle since part of the motorcycle was in front of it. Another vehicle then struck that car, which hit the man and threw him across the median to the southbound lanes, investigators said.

Investigators said an off-duty officer with the Houston Police Department was also injured while trying to help during the crash. He was reportedly transported to the hospital.

Authorities said parts of the motorcycle were dragged under vehicles for several hundred yards, including under a UPS 18-wheeler. I-45 remains closed in both directions, DPS said.

IH-45 and SH-242 are back open in both the north and southbound lanes, including the northbound feeder, following the crashes. Drivers were urged to avoid the area as the investigation is ongoing at this time.

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