Search for daughter of man charged with murdering her mother leads to Alvin-area landfill

The search for a missing child last seen in Pasadena two weeks ago has expanded to Alvin.

Texas Equusearch crews resumed their search for Nadia Lee, 2, on Monday. Eighteen volunteers used two backhoes and a bulldozer to search a football field size area at the Coastal Plains landfill off Highway 6.

Tim Miller, founder of Texas Equusearch said they’re looking for any signs of Nadia in a section they had roped off in the landfill a couple of weeks ago.

“We’re actually looking for any mail that could have come from that apartment to know that we’re possibly in the right area to maybe narrow the area down,” Miller said.

He said volunteers are sifting through hazardous materials and are cutting open every bag they dig up.

Nadia was last seen October 16th at her father’s Pasadena apartment, located near Memorial Park where crews also spent days searching. Jyron Lee, 26, allegedly told investigators he went to take out the trash that day and when he returned his daughter was gone.

Miller said that’s one reason they’re searching the landfill.

“That’s part of it,” Miller said. “But I think there are other things in the investigation that’s possibly leading to this.”

Lee is facing murder charges for allegedly strangling Nancy Reed, Nadia’s mother, to death at a hotel two days after Nadia’s disappearance.