Harris County Commissioner Adrian Garcia presents compromise proposal to move county budget forward

Harris County Pct. 2 Commissioner Adrian Garcia (KPRC)

HOUSTON – Harris County Commissioner Adrian Garcia presented a new compromise proposal Friday in hopes of moving the county budget forward.

Calling it the “Garcia Compromise,” Garcia said during a news conference that the proposal addresses concerns raised by his Commissioners Court colleagues.

“Our ability to do the very basic function of setting a budget, cannot happen because of two Republican judges who chose to exercise a protest,” he said.

Part of his proposed compromise includes over $100 million in public safety dollars to be divided between the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, the Harris County Constables, and Harris County courts.

The impasse over the Harris County budget is still going on. Republican commissioners have reportedly skipped three meetings in a row, blocking the Democratic majority commissioners court from adopting a new proposed tax rate.

“All the boxes have been checked, all the priorities have been met. It’s time to do the right thing -- to come to work for the people of Harris County,” he said.

The deadline to adopt a new tax rate is Oct. 28.

Commissioner Rodney Ellis sent the following statement:

I commend Commissioner Adrian Garcia for putting forward a proposal that calls Commissioners Jack Cagle and Tom Ramsey to the table to negotiate in good faith so that we can all do the job we were elected to do, which is to serve the people of Harris County through the vital services and programs they need and deserve.

The goal of this process has always been to do what’s needed for a safer, healthier Harris County where every community can thrive, and every person has a shot at a better life grounded in real opportunity.

Yet, at every turn, AWOL commissioners and draconian state laws have blocked us from making critical investments in public safety, health care, flood protection, and other vital services. If Commissioners Cagle and Ramsey share the goal of a safer, healthier Harris County, they’ll set politics aside and show up at the next meeting. If they skip out on work again, their absence will speak for itself.

Commissioner Cagle released the following statement:

“I welcome Commissioner Garcia’s last-minute attempt to resolve our differences regarding his proposed property tax increase. If he is truly serious about wanting to reach an agreement, he will join me in calling on the county judge to call a special ‘discussion only’ session of the Commissioners Court in which the full court can discuss the merits of his and my proposals. Absent his commitment to do so, this offer would appear to be merely lipstick on a pig and a continuation of his effort to increase county spending on the backs of the taxpayers.”


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