Houston mother seeking answers after 5-year-old son suffered head bruise during school

the mother said her son came home from school with a bump on his head

HOUSTON – The Houston mother said she wants answers after her son returned home from elementary school Monday with a huge knot on his forehead.

Natasha Silas said she’s frustrated she’s not getting straight answers from Woodson Elementary School in Sunnyside as to how her son 5-year-old Timothy received a forehead injury during school.

“I’ve heard he was sitting down and slid out of his chair. I heard he was just in the hallway on restroom break at the time,” Silas said. “My son told me out his own mouth that someone pushed him and he fell. This little iron-yellow thing they have in the hallway. I guess it’s like a bench.”

Silas said she demanded to speak to her son’s teacher to find out what happened.

“She had stepped out for a break for the restroom, and I guess they were on the line. She just came out and pretty much heard him crying,” Silas said. “I asked her pretty much if she saw what was going on, and she was like ‘no, he just was crying.’”

Silas said she took her son to the hospital to get an x-ray done on his bleeding bruise.

“They said it has so much blood clogged up in one spot, so using ice packs will help but do not freak out when the knot goes kinda down and makes him look like he has black eyes,” she recounted.

Silas said she’s considering withdrawing her son from Woodson Elementary and transferring him to a different school.

KPRC2 reached out to the Houston Independent School District for answers. A spokesperson sent over the following statement:

“The safety of HISD students is our top priority. Woodson campus administration is aware of the incident, and district protocols were followed as it pertains to assisting the student and notifying the parent. Due to the Family Education Right’s Privacy Act (FERPA) we are unable to provide additional details.”