Houston Newsmakers: Annual Minority Suppliers Expo goes hybrid in 2022, and more

Also: Raising money and focus for Autism and Breast Cancer fights

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Ingrid Robinson, President, Houston Minority Supplier Development Council (KPRC)

Minority businesses generate 14 billion dollars in Houston region

The Minority Supplier Development Council exists to “help increase and expand business opportunities and growth for Minority Business Enterprises.”

The annual expo is back with a hybrid twist with one in-person day and one day virtual. It’s a big step toward normalcy.

“Now that business is opening back up they (minority business owners) have positioned themselves to the be ready to be the suppliers that the corporations are looking for,” said Ingrid Robinson, president of the HMSDC.

The HMSDC research shows a significant impact on minority businesses in the Houston region.

“In total, about 14 Billion with a “B” dollars of economic impact is generated from Houston area certified minority businesses of the council,” said Robinson.

This year’s expo is not at the George R. Brown Convention center but at the Woodside Energy Company on Post Blvd in Houston. The dates are September 28th and 29th and you can find more information here.

Local founder focuses on help for Autistic children and adults

Liza Lawrence was spending her professional career as a healthcare administrator but this mother of two autistic boys felt there was a need for more help for those dealing with the challenges of Autism.

She founded the nonprofit ‘The Perfect Connection’ in 2019 to raise awareness and provide fiscal and emotional support to those with children and adults on the Autism spectrum.

“The main goal was to connect the families with the resources,” Lawrence said. “There are resources out there and we have to find the right pathways. We have to educate ourselves and we have to empower ourselves and engage our communities to help us.”

Liza Lawrence, Founder The Perfect Connection, Jaqueline Kinloch, Co-Chair Evolution of Autism Gala (KPRC)

Lawrence’s biggest current effort is preparing for the January start of Blue Angels Academy which will specifically focus on the needs of Autistic children.

“It will service children before they enter grade school, so we’ll start at age two to five and they’ll have a model where they can come to school from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., the entire day,” Lawrence said.

To help support the Perfect Connection, the Evolution of Autism Gala will be Saturday, September 23rd.

Find out how you can support The Perfect Connection here.

Tickets to the event can be found here.

Komen Race for the Cure is back!

The first Saturday in October means one big celebration in pink! The Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure returns this year.

In this second back-in-person event since the pandemic, the goals continue to grow and so does the organization’s goal of helping those who most need it as the search for a cure continues for those dealing with breast cancer.

Kristen Barley, Komen State Executive Director, Gulf Coast & Kori Lee, Breast Cancer survivor. (KPRC)

Kori Lee was 35 years old and single when she was diagnosed. After rounds of chemotherapy, immunotherapy, surgeries, and months of recuperation, Lee celebrates every day as a Breast Cancer Survivor.

“I was diagnosed during COVID-19,” Lee said. “So my family couldn’t enter the building with me so they were cheering me on from the sidelines. I participated in the walk my first year and this will be my second and I’m pretty excited about it.”

Lee says the Komen family has been a big inspirational help, something she also wants to pass on.

“It’s just inspiring to be inspired so anything I can do,” Lee said. “Share my story or provide resources, give advice from Susan G. Komen, any of the stats because unfortunately, Black women are 40% more likely to die from breast cancer.”

Find more info on Houston’s Race for the Cure here.

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